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Top 11 Healthy Eating Tips from Ayurveda Culture

To ensure your body stays in top health, here are 11 tips on how to make your daily meals as nutritious as possible.

  1. Eat only when hungry – when your last meal is digested

  2. Eat in a quiet settled environment

  3. Do not overeat. Eat only 75% full

  4. Sit quietly for about 5 minutes at the end of each meal

  5. Lunch should be your main meal. Evening meal is light

  6. Eat evening meal by7pm– at least 2 hours before bed

  7. Be regular in meal time – same time every day

  8. Avoid snacking between meals. To flash out toxins,  drink hot water,  as opposed to cold drink.

  9. Food should be freshly prepared,  and most of it cooked.

  10. Include all 6 tastes at meal times : sweet,  sour, salty, pungent,  bitter, and astringent.

  11. Never use honey in cooking or baking. Honey gets toxic when heated over 40 degrees.

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